Squarespace 7.

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Squarespace have announced Squarespace 7, the largest update in two years.

Squarespace 7 features a completely redesigned website manager interface, a deep integration with Getty Images, a cover page builder, an integration with Gmail and Google Apps for Work, 15 new category-specific designs, and much more.

Squarespace 7 is the result of a year-long effort to refine the simplicity of their platform while retaining its power. The biggest change you’ll notice is in the interface; you can now make live edits in your website without switching back and forth between preview mode and your Website Manager, and we’ve annotated every editable element on your site to make everything easier than ever. They have also reorganised the menus to create a more intuitive experience overall.

They have made great efforts to solve some real pain points for anyone that is building a website. Often, a great website relies on great imagery – with the new Getty Images integration, you now have access to tens of millions of premium creative and editorial images, all starting at $10 per image. For those of you who want personalised email, you can sign up for Gmail for Work and other Google Apps features right within Squarespace (starting at just $5/user per month). When you don’t necessarily need a full-fledged website for your idea, you can use our Cover Pages tool to create a beautiful landing page.

Seriously… It does not get easier or more beautiful than this.

Check it out.


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