A little love from the STF Community

Hymakar Valluri

Shoot the Frame is a great platform to get global exposure for amateurs and professional photographers.

My finalist image was selected for Headon Photo Festival in Sydney, the William Street Festival in Sydney, and the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad which gave me amazing visibility. These festivals we're all organised though Shoot The Frame's partnerships.

After being a Finalist in the Shoot the Frame contest I gained the confidence to enter other awards, and have since won editor's choice in Nature Photographer and peoples choice in Travel Photographer of the year, both by National Geographic.

Thanks Shoot The Frame!

Hymakar ValluriShoot The Face Winner, December 2016.

Max Seigal

Shoot The Frame is a fantastic photo competition that attracts top photographers from around the world.

The quality of the submissions is always excellent and the judging is very well done. I always enjoy seeing the winners announced each month, and the creativity of the images that were submitted. As a contest winner myself, I have to say that the prizes they offer are very appealing!

Max SeigalShoot The Wild Winner, December 2018

Mahesh Balasubramanian

Shoot the Frame is an excellent monthly international photography competition for portrait, landscape and wildlife photographers. In addition to the prizes, they create fantastic exposure for talented photographers. I have been submitting images into the awards since 2012.

One of my portraits won the Shoot The Face category in April, 2013; which have me really good exposure for that picture and for me as a photographer.

Mahesh BalasubramanianShoot The Face Winner, April 2013

Cristina Venedict

Shoot The Frame is a really great concept, it allows me to discover new talented photographers.

Cristina VenedictShoot The Face Winner, December 2016.

Abe Snider

Shoot the Frame is one of the best photography competitions around, and is a great way to gain exposure. I have won the monthly awards twice and after each time my sales, and social media visits drastically increased. The prizes for each winning category are easily worth the entry fee. I also love having my work published in the annual book!

Abe SniderShoot The Land Winner, December 2015

Lior Sperandeo

I love Shoot The Frame because I much prefer monthly photography awards over yearly ones.

We live in a fast world. Submitting a photo and hearing about the finalists and winners within a few weeks makes much more sense than waiting for months.

Lior SperandeoShoot The Face Winner, December 2017.

Brett Lobwein

After winning Shoot The Wild in August 2016 for my image Crocodile Waterline I have had a great amount of exposure, the Shoot The Frame platform still continues to be one of the top referrals to my website.

The highlight for me was being showcased at the Headon Photo Festival in my home town of Sydney. It was amazing to see my photo showcased in such a iconic event and location. If you are on the fence and the perhaps the prizes aren’t enough for you to submit your photos; the exposure will definitely be worth it. I can’t recommend Shoot The Frame highly enough, give it a crack!

Brett LobweinShoot The Wild Winner, August 2016

ChanOnn Fong

Initially I joined the Shoot The Frame community out of curiosity and fun, but over time it has motivated me to shoot great landscape, wildlife and portrait images regularly for submission.

The assessment by the judges is a non-pressured objective evaluation of my works. The feedback guides me on ways to improve upon my compositional and shooting techniques.

The exposure that comes with being a Finalist or a Winner is certainly rewarding. It gives me self-confidence and pushes me to work even harder to improve myself.

ChanOnn FongShoot The Face Winner, November 2018.

Rivart Matthieu

I had the opportunity to participate and to be awarded several times by Shoot The Frame.

Beyond the recognition and the exposure, what I like the way Shoot The Frame and the team makes you feel special. Entering a contest makes you more than a mere competitor: you become part of a community of photography lovers.

Rivart MatthieuShoot The Wild Winner, September 2017

Ian Pettigrew

I've been a finalist in the STF Awards over a dozen times. The increased exposure and confidence from that is worth every penny.

If you think your work is good, put it up there and compete with some of the best around the world.

Ian PettigrewShoot The Face Finalist, November 2018.
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