STF Awards

Shoot The Frame Photography Awards.

The monthly international STF Awards are designed to expose, inspire and celebrate photographers from around the globe.

Shoot The Face

Shoot The Face is an international portrait photography award. There are an infinite number of ways to capture a moment in a person’s life, we have been celebrating the magnificent portraits taken by Shoot The Frame members from all corners of the globe since 2012.

Photo credit: Shoot The Face Winner October 2017: Trevor Cole

Shoot The Land

Shoot The Land is our international landscape photography award. We are constantly in awe of the magic that the Shoot The Frame community is able to capture from nature. Shoot The Frame members have been seeking and capturing stunning landscapes from all over the world since 2013

Photo credit: Shoot The Land Finalist October 2013: Max Seigal

Shoot The Wild

Shoot The Wild is our monthly international wildlife photography award. There is something special about wildlife photographers and the imagery they are dedicated to capturing. We can’t get enough of it. Shoot The Frame members have been sharing their wildlife imagery with the community since 2014.

Photo credit: Shoot The Wild Winner November 2016: Michael Fell

Some kind words.

A little love from the community.

“I have won the monthly awards twice and after each time my sales, and social media visits drastically increased.”

Abe SniderShoot The Land Winner, December 2015.

“Shoot The Frame is a fantastic photo competition that attracts top photographers from around the world.”

Max SeigalShoot The Wild Winner, December 2018.

“Shoot the Frame is a great platform to get global exposure for amateurs and professional photographers.”

Hymakar ValluruShoot The Wild Finalist, January 2017.

“Shoot The Frame is a really great concept, it allows me to discover new talented photographers.”

Cristina VenedictShoot The Face Winner, December 2016.
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