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Photographer Profile: Bobby Doherty

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Once in a while a young photographer pops up that’s just completely different from the mould. Not because his technique is different, or his philosophy is game-changing, but because his vision is just so… new. This is the case with 24-year-old <a href=”” target=”_blank”>New York-based photographer Bobby Doherty. </a> Bobby Doherty has been into photography since a young age, having watched and been drawn to his grandfather who did the same. He has always approached photography with a sense of fun, and it is very evident in his work. His photos don’t take themselves too seriously. There is a lot of play, looseness, and amusement happening there that simply can’t be contained. Despite having been commissioned by various (serious) publications to do work for them (including New York Times, Bloomberg, and Time Magazine), and being the current staff photographer of New York Magazine, Bobby maintains his very clear style and voice. Four years of studying photography in college has also fostered his own set of beliefs and rules when it comes to his photography: basically, he just wants to have fun with it and do his own thing (and shoot only vertical photos). He also doesn’t concern himself much with what other photographers are doing. Perhaps it’s one reason why he could stay so fresh and one-of-a-kind. Of course, it probably helps that he’s the type of person who finds inspiration in grocery stores, in random inanities, and in the profoundly mundane. And he’s also the type of person who can turn all of those into works of art. Something about the brightness and vividness of his colours, combined with the graphic patterns and shapes he creates elicits notions of a lovechild between David Lachapelle and Andy Warhol. But then he infuses it with something completely Bobby Doherty alone. After all, it takes exquisite technique and an even more exquisite eye to makes kitchen sponges, rubber bands, match sticks, soda and beer cans, and oysters into contemporary pop art photographs. Bobby also seems to have an innate skill for juxtaposing elements and creating a completely different take on something. A woman holding a compact mirror becomes a whole new image when she’s holding it up to her eyes and reflecting her lips. Or two oranges side by side start to look like other things when shot from another angle. Whatever objects he composes for the camera, Bobby turns them into artful subjects that further emphasise his irreverence, wit, and cleverness. His photos, however seemingly basic his subjects are, are fresh and alive, and, most importantly, masterful. Thus, despite the seeming casualness with which he approaches his art, and his constant emphasis for having fun, it can’t be denied that Bobby Doherty’s works are the kind that are taken seriously and given all the weight they deserve. Julia Escano -Shoot The Frame &nbsp;

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