Increase number of critiques

Receiving critiques from inside and outside of the Shoot The Frame community can be a very powerful way to gain feedback on your work.

Invite people from outside Shoot The Frame to critique your photos.

You can invite someone to critique your photos as soon as you upload them to Shoot The Frame, or at anytime.

To find the invite link, click the more button on your photo to show the Invite Critique popup. Copy the link, and send it to anyone you like.

Invite people from within the Shoot The Frame community to critique your photos. 

The best way to invite someone from within the Shoot The Frame community to critique a photo is to send them a message with the invite critique link. To send a message to another member, you need to follow their profile.

If you are going to ask someone in a message; be polite, and phrase it as a question, not a demand. Perhaps build a relationship with the other member before you ask them a favour. Or, perhaps you could critique some of their work before you ask. This will show that you genuinely want to build a relationship.