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Monthly awards, genuine feedback and constructive critiques. We can’t wait to see your photos. 😃

Shoot The Frame Awards

The STF Awards were created in 2012. While the Shoot The Frame community has grown up and has morphed a little, the STF Awards are still at the centre of everything we do.

Photo critiquing

We have created the most powerful photo critiquing engine in the world, and we are building a community of positivity and genuine feedback. Now you can give, and receive detailed feedback.

Receiving feedback

You can scroll through the critiques and feedback that other members of Shoot The Frame have given your photos. There are 10 criteria which can be critiqued for each photo.


Your profile is essentially your Shoot The Frame portfolio. An opportunity to showcase your best work. Gain exposure, and let the world know who you are.

Photo essays

Sometimes it takes more than one photo to tell a story. With Shoot The Frame you can create photo essays and tell your story with as many photos as you like. Your photo essays can be private, or public.

Message STF members

You can reach out to fellow members of Shoot The Frame with a private message. This is a fantastic place to build your network, and grow relationships


Insights gives you simple metrics to understand your STF photos, and profile. Understand the exposure gained from being a STF Awards finalist or winner.

Some kind words.

A little love from the community.

“I have won the monthly awards twice and after each time my sales, and social media visits drastically increased.”

Abe SniderShoot The Land Winner, December 2015.

“Shoot The Frame is a fantastic photo competition that attracts top photographers from around the world.”

Max SeigalShoot The Wild Winner, December 2018.

“Shoot the Frame is a great platform to get global exposure for amateurs and professional photographers.”

Hymakar ValluruShoot The Wild Finalist, January 2017.

“Shoot The Frame is a really great concept, it allows me to discover new talented photographers.”

Cristina VenedictShoot The Face Winner, December 2016.
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